Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today it was not hot.
It was rainy--very rainy.

I did not have an umbrella.

In attempts to get my daughter in school by Monday, I had her with me.

We were walking to meet mom for lunch, and to check out the school she'll be going to on Monday...and it began to rain.


Really hard.

Realy freakin' unbelievably hard.

Izzy had a little jacket with a hood.

Mommy had nothing.

Mommy's shirt is now see through.

Mommy's bra has a hole in it.

Izzy was cranky because mommy wouldn't let easy play in the mud. Izzy was also angry and confused as to why mommy wouldn't let her frolick through traffic.

Mommy is drenched.
Mommy is not happy.
Mommy is hungry.

Sexy times on a Thursday afternoon.


Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

so sorry about your holey bra in a see-through shirt in the rain! yikes! can't say i haven't been there...although for me, it wasn't a holey bra so much as it was a colored one. :)

Sun Up said...

I'd pick colored over holey ANY day *LOL*

Sun Up said...

I'd pick colored over holey ANY day *LOL*