Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dude, seriously

Today was hot.
I had to take Israel with me on errands and she was was really obnoxious. She kept throwing grapes at the birds. Not cool.

She had one moment of cute baby'ness when she made friends with this pudgy little spanish baby around her age. They kept copying one another and then when it was time to leave, they hugged and kiss like they were old friends.

But that was not my 'dude, seriously' moment. That moment came when I was sitting on the bus with my daughter trying to get her settled and this man made a really rude, vulgar comment to me. I was already agitated because I was hot, my bra strap was sliding down, my jeans were too tight and I was thirsty.

I'm not going to repeat what he said, but he thought it was flattering and cute. And I couldn't believe he spoke to me like that in front of my child.

And I said, "Dude (like the title) are you freakin' serious? In front of my kid though?"

Granted, she's 20 months and unless you're shiney, have food, or you make funny noises she isn't going to pay you much attention.

I've had a few "Dude...seriously?" moments in the past few days that ranged from little "boys" walking downtown literally while one hand was latched to their crotches. ( it going to fall off? Seriously)

These little "girls" screaming 'bitch' this and 'bitch' that and being as vulgar as those little boys. mom would have strangled me and my sister if we acted like that in public.

Then there was this pregnant girl that got on the bus and there was no where to sit, and this man takes the last seat and he wouldn't let her sit down. And I felt her pain because when I was pregnant with Israel people were generally inconsiderate, so I gave her my seat.

I dunno. Today was JUST one of those days you know?