Friday, July 24, 2009

Flat Characters

Last night I couldn't get much writing done. I was unbelievably tired, but that was no reason to at least not review my work. I'm reading it...and I'm absolutely in love with this Mable character. She jumps out. Immediately, you know where she stands--you know she's not going to take your shit and you just...KNOW her.

But she isn't the main character. Charlie is. And she has absolutely no dimensions. I can admit that because if I can't admit it then I better not expect to get any positive response once I send this out to agents like Janet, or Nathan or a few others I have on my list.

I asked myself "What's her personality like?". And I was like...stuck. It was like "' know?"

Man...for real?

So because I know alot of other writers read this, I'm interested in your ideas of how to give life to a character that actually feels like it's made of paper.

Let me see what you got!