Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stand by Me

It's 1:17 am and I'm waiting for the fiance to return with my calzone. I only put Israel to bed an hour ago after coercing her with cold spaghetti and a back rub--two of her favorite things aside from watching Nim's Island and eating peanut butter and jelly.

While rocking her to sleep, I watched Stand by Me on Netflix and remembered why to me, it will always be my most favorite movies. I think it was brilliant in a simple ways that movies really aren't anymore. I think Stephen King's writing is phenomenal, I really do. It's what I aspire to. Books and works that span over decades--things that you will always remember even when you have grandchildren.

Who remembers the part when Gordy and Vern and Chris and Teddy were in the woods and they waded through that creek and when they came out, they had leeches all over them? Or the part when Gordy told the story of Lard Ass who got everyone back at the pie eating contest by making everyone throw up all over one another.

Classic. Perfect. I remember watching this movie when I was a little kid and I've never gotten tired of seeing it.

After everything is said and done, after all the querying and editing and rejections and staying up late staring at your screen--after all the writer's blocks and blogging and writing conventions--why is it that you write? Sometime all those things seem to take the fun out of it.

And then, you remember that you love it. That you get to tell a story the way YOU see it and it's yours. It's all yours. And...it makes you happy.

What I would give to be a 12 year old kid again, exploring the world and being full of ideas and my most pressing thought of the day being:

"If Mickey's a mouse, and Donald's a duck and Pluto's a dog...what the hell is Goofy?"


Elana Johnson said...

ROTFL. So true. Sometimes I look at my kids and wonder how I lived all those years without a care in the world. And how I can go back so I don't have to worry about my weight and the bills and dinner and registering the car and...

Hope you get to sleep soon. Yikes. 1:17 AM? At least you got a calzone out of the deal.

Sun Up said...

I got to sleep about 3 after eating. It took forever for him to get back. And I DEFINITELY wish I was 12 again. I have a specific memory when I was 12 and living in Lawrenceville, NJ. I was at this place the kids called the 'Sand Park' because the ground was sand...and I was playing with Barbie dolls, and these mean girls who were about 13 were like..."You still play with dolls...you're so immature."

I remember feeling embarrassed and I never played with them again. I think that moment was the age when I started caring about what people think and stopped being myself. If I could have done it over again, I would have thrown sand in their faces and said "How's that for immature?"

Belle said...

I loved Stand by Me - I have such admiration for Stephen King. He's an amazing writer.

When I was 12 years old, I spent all my time writing. I definitely would like to be like that again!

I am not the ninja you were looking for said...

You know I have a terrifying fear of slugs right? The kind that caused me to move once because I found a slug in my house. The kind that causes me to trail salt around my house and windows and doors when it rains.

The ridiculous kind.

Well that fear comes from the movie Stand By Me.

When I was little I watched the movie at a friends house and afterwards I had to take a bath.

The leech scene had freaked me out SO bad and when I was in the tub a slug climbed on the wall (I had never seen one before, we didn't really have them in Cali where I lived). I was so sure it was a leech I jumped out of the tub naked and ran through her house screaming that there were leeches in her tub.

To this day I am terrified of slugs, and I skip right over that part of the movie.

Other than that- whenever I'm near a set of train tracks I feel the need to walk them a little ways and always end up thinking about that movie.

Thank you for the trip down memory lane!