Thursday, May 13, 2010

Losing words

Lost thousands.
Almost said SCREW THIS.

Actually I said it. And then I started over.

Is just...really pissed off today. REALLY.

How long does this crap last? When do you finally just get THROUGH it? Is there a finish line?

Or is that just fiction?


Lady Glamis said...

You mean you deleted words? Your computer crashed? Ack! I just had that happen and it wasn't fun.

By the way, I don't believe there is a finish line when it comes to anything artistic.

Aubrie said...

I lost 500 words today when I figured out that they are not going to teleport, but use a corridor in space created by two high pressure points.

But a thousand! Yikes! Hang in there!

Alicia Evans said...

I had lost the words when some stuff was unintentionally erased and then when I realized some mistakes were just TOO much.

I could have choked myself that day.
But it's come back. Thanks ladies!