Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to the drawing board..and farting.

I have literally been avoidng my computer for days. "Aha, I knew it!" one might say. But the truth is, I've been writing long hand for so long that I reverted back to it. I'm not going to finish the whole book long hand, but I did end up starting over which was FOR my better judgement as opposed to against it. The fiance said something--profound last night and I was like "Oh my god...that's IT!" and he had a dumb, pleased look on his face which was incredibly cute.

So it's very late right now. It's about 11pm, my daughter's diaper is soaked because--well...long story and I really need to get her into and changed. I'll post the new word count by Wednesday for those interested.

Other than that, there's absolutely nothing interesting going on in my life. Unless you count pregnancy gas as one. Like..I seriously fart alot. I don't even notice anymore. I think the fiance has long since learned to ignore it.

Random people on the bus...not so much.