Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If You Gave A Whale A Waffle

Doesn't that title sound like something that's already in bookstores?
So I went to my 8 year old niece's Art and Literature night at her school in Pennsylvania and I just got back.

My niece's book title was "If You Gave A Whale a Waffle" and it was extraordinarily good. Like...not even for an 8 year old either. The teacher went all out with actually getting these blank hard cover books and the kids wrote the story and did all the illustrations.

She didn't finish the pictures, but the story was just...amazing. I was really impressed, and not just in that indulgent way adults tend to be with their kids.

She couldn't take it home yet, but when she does, I am going to take pictures of it and her art work. It was just...good.

So you know my mother, my sister and I were all trying to take credit for her mad skillz!


Aubrie said...

Some of the best books are childrens' books.

Neat title as well. :)