Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That One Hot Guy

So's pretty awesome and I'm actually sitting here in class wondering why I didn't pay attention in high school.

Then I'm like 'Oh yeah, boys.'

There's no boys in our class. All women. 25 women.

Most people in this school ARE women actually. But there is this one particular hottie who I can't help but to stare at. And what makes it worse is that he speaks to me and he snuck up behind me earlier this morning and we spoke for a few minutes.

So I've started this little chant "I have a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend." *Lol* Not that serious of course. I wouldn't stray in a million years. Besides, Eric is all kinds of beautiful. But I kind of miss that old feeling of coming to school to see that ONE hot guy. In high school, that guy was Garrett. Hot Guy From High School, maa-an, he was something else. And every girl was in love with him. He was "deep" and he wrote awesome poetry, he could paint beautifully and he played the guitar. Not to mention, he dressed like a Calvin Klein ad. However unlike in high school--Hot Guy From Business School actually knows I exist!

In other news, my writing hasn't suffered terribly. This week I've been really busy and just thrown off of schedule. But since I get out of school at 2pm and my daughter is out of day care at 5:30 pm, I get a chance to grab a late lunch and write for a couple of hours. So instead of writing at night when she's asleep, I write after school and all day on Friday.

Oh yeah...

wow...I totally just turned 29 on Saturday! Is it indicative of senility that I can't remember turning 29?

...the hot guy totally wants me (in my head at least)

Talk about random blogging today.