Monday, August 24, 2009

Have you ever...?

Gotten an absolutely brilliant (story) idea while you're still wrestling with your WIP, and then STOP writing it to write the Other Brilliant Idea down?

I did.

I thought it'd be sacriligious to stop writing one thing to jot down something else. But I think you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice if you didn't do it. I can't tell you how many times I've had this really good concept and decided to work it out in my head later only to forget it when the time came.

It's really retarded if you ask me. And I'm speaking from personal experience. I've had a few da-dee-da-dee moments and more than likely I'm going to have quite a few more before this is all said and done with.

My advice is...don't feel guilty. Put it down. Hell, bang out (that sounds dirty) a few paragraphs if it helps. I'm disciplined enough to know that I really can't work on two things at once, no matter how tempted I might be to do so. Besides, who's to say that when I finish this manuscript that super awesome ideas are going to come out of the Realm of Super Awesome Ideas?

In other news, one of my classes here at school is Coder's English and I didn't realize until...oh...let's say Moday, August 17th 2009, how much I have completely fudged up the English language.

I'm probably doing it right now.


Tess said...

Oh, yes, follow that muse! Heck, chase it down, stalk it, make it take out a restraining order.

Okay, that's my super lame attempt at humor. sorry.

Aubrie said...

I keep a notebook of ideas because if I wait to write them down, I won't remember!

And your english is excellent! I've read some of the writing you've posted.

Good luck with your new ideas!