Monday, May 18, 2009

On May 15th

..I was a bitch.

I can admit it. I was angry, hormonal, not quite over the thing with my sister and I was being a bitch.

I don't have much to say today because the migraines or whatever the hell they are have come back full force x2 and I am going to the ER when I get off of work.

Yesterday, I drove down with my parents, my boyfriend and my daughter to see my grandfather in the nursing home. I was so glad Eric went because he's so anti social, but he's comfortable enough with my parents to let go of that. He even helped my grandfather around in his wheel chair. My mom took a picture of Izzy sleeping on my grandfather which I'll share with you all once I get it uploaded.

But during the ride there, the migraine came back so hard and so violently, that I was reduced to tears in the back of my stepfather's cramped jeep. Israel is squirming and wiggling around like a mad woman, and ceaselessly badgering. My mother is scolding me for not wearing glasses and Eric is chiming in being equally as annoying. I was in pain and I wanted everyone to either shut up or someone to kindly shoot me in my head and end it. Sounds dramatic, but the pain is worse than labor--trust me...I'd know.

It came back about 30 minutes ago and I'm just done with the whole migraine thing. I'm done with it. It makes me nauseated and tired and weak and sore. And if it came when I became pregnant, it'd be one thing, but this has been going on since before that and has gradually gotten worse.

Good news though, I ran into my BEST friend from elementary school today. We've been talking on the phone for a little while...maybe a week. Her aunt works at the place where I got my pregnancy test done and she gave me her number. This morning when I was heading to the bus stop with my daughter, this huge blue SUV skids to a halt in front of me and I was like "wtf?!" and she looks at me and I look at her...and we both start screaming and hugging and looking at eachother and screaming and hugging again. I know people thought we were insane. But seriously, me and her were like sisters since we were ten years old. That's 18 years. So seeing her just made my day. It was one of those signs that let me know that things are going to be alright. I'm going to try to get some work done.'s coming along great..but I'm too sore to talk about it.