Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Free books.

If you're a book nerd like me, that title probably made you just a little happy in the pants. My next sentence will make you angry in the pants.

I am not giving away free books. (However, if I know of any sites or places giving away books I'll be sure to let you all know)

There is this computer lab that I use every so often that has this little back room filled with books. Alot of it is stuff that I'd never read, but sometimes I find little gems like Ernest Hemingway and very recently, Jane Austen. Now I've seen Sense and Sensibility about 345,876,098 times but I've never read the book. I'm reading it right now (and I would have been done, but I'm always sleepy) and it's strange to read it. I expected more dialogue between the characters--though when there is dialogue, it is extremely well written. One thing that I'm annoyed about however, is how the movie cut out some really good lines! In some parts of the book, it is a steady barrage of words--and I'm like 'whew...when are they going to start talking?" But I get it. I get the way that Jane Austen writes...or rather...wrote.

It's like, she's telling the story as if you were sitting there and listening to her tell the story. Like..."Anne walked with Theresa to the store the other day and she was very upset about something, but Anne could not figure it out. After keeping quiet on it for some time, she finally decided to ask her." And you would think that the dialogue would come in. But no...it goes on like "When Anne was told the reason why Theresa was upset, they made plans to travel to Boston. When they arrived, Theresa decided to confront---" you get the picture.

It was...different for me. I'm not used to reading books written like that, but I like how it helps the story move along. I think my sister would like Jane Austen if she were into that sort of writing. I've often heard her complain that she doesn't much care for Dean Koontz because he goes into too much detail (I happen to love him) and doesn't tell enough of the story.

I like being caught up by detail though--if it's well written. I hate reading stuff that is used to fill up space. I think it's kind of insulting. If I buy your book, I want to read a story...not some fluffy prose that means absolutely nothing.

I love how the Theme of Sense and Sensibility doesn't seem apparent, but it's always there--like..it's not obvious. I know so many people are focused on 'Theme' and 'moral' and trying to make sure that they incorporate that into what they are writing. I think if the theme is going to be any good, that you shouldn't even be aware of it until the very end. You shouldn't have to struggle to identify the theme in your own writing.

In 'Halo' I wasn't even aware of 'theme' until I started reading up on it. And it took me all of five seconds to realize what the theme was in my book and you know, it made me feel good that I didn't have to go back and figure out what it was.

I like to tell a story--and I also like dialogue, but I don't want one to over shadow the other which is why I'm constantly going back, re-reading and fixing AND THEN go on to the next part. I confuse easily...more to the point...I confuse myself easily and the only way to keep myself organized with writing is to do things the long way. But it works for me.

So...my bra-strap is burrowing into my skin and I've lost all ability to continue blogging right now. Talk about an abrupt ending.