Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baked Squirrel

So I actually found a picture of a skinned squirrel in a frying pan, but there was no way I was posting it.

Anyhow, I was sitting on the bus the other with my daughter to take her to her sitter's. This guy gets in and sits in the seat behind me and starts talking about snapper turtle soup, eating raccoon and eating squirrel. Five weeks ago, I could have listened to this without wanting to vomit, today I actually had to turn around and explain to him, 'look, I'm pregnant and you're really about to induce some very unsexy morning sickness'. He laughed and apologized. It was the 'baked squirrel' that got me. He said you could see the little eyes and-- you know what, I'm going to stop. Apparently, I get off on torturing myself.

I honestly haven't written in about two days. The whole pregnancy thing kind of jumped on me and my boyfriend out of no where and we're still getting our bearings together. He's excited and I'm just like "Oh crap, my ankles are going to swell again and I'm going to be pregnant once again, during the freaking summer!"

But I'm ready to start up again. I came up with this utterly fricken BRILLIANT plot for the story. I was struggling with it a little...not too much, but I didn't want to go in circles about what I was trying to convey, and then the idea snuck up on me. My daughter is staying with her Auntie for the weekend, so it's just me and Eric and my writing.

My goal now, is to have this manuscript done by the end of the summer, possibly sooner, because pretty soon it's going to be a bitch for me to get on the bus everyday and go all the way out to Ewing to this computer lab and write, especially with a toddler, so I want to finish as much as I can now.

In other news, I was thinking about my brother alot lately. He's four years younger than me and his name is Kenny. He's a big, gentle, quiet teddy bear and I miss him terribly. He stays not too far from me in a rooming house and a friend of mine knows him and he was telling me how quiet my brother is and how he keeps to himself mostly. He was pretty sick with sleep apnea and diabetes and his heart actually stopped at one point a few months ago.

I really need to see him and let him know that his family still loves him and that I'm thinking about him. Maybe I can coerce him to come stay the weekend with me.

My mind is all over the place this morning--I'll try to write something that makes more sense later.