Monday, March 30, 2009

Happiness is...

My weekend was great really. Mom came and picked up myself and Izzy, and Eric stayed home. We drove to PA to go get my sister and her daughter. It was strictly a 'girls' day out type of thing. (Left the men at home) We ended up going to Franklin Mills Mall and it took us like 10 minutes trying to figure out where to put the money to get these nifty little cart things (that cost three dollars!). I left Izzy's stroller at home so we had to push her around in the cart, which she HATED by the way.

She ran around like crazy, getting into everything (when we did let her get down) and then she proceeded to try and knock every one's lunch onto the floor.

It was just good to be around my own family again. I'm always dealing with my ex's people and most of the time, it's not the greatest experience.

And yesterday, after we put the baby to bed, Eric and I made a cake at like 11:30 at night. We didn't even have frosting. But, oh my GOODNESS it came out great. The kitchen light bulb AND the living room bulb blew out, and we didn't have any more, so we made cake using a flashlight and a candle. It was really funny--but fun.

I did my very best not to obsess about writing, but I would find myself mumbling to myself about plot lines and all that fun stuff and he'd ask 'Are you alright?'
I don't know how many times he asked me that--but I kept telling him that I'm not crazy.

At least not any more than anyone else.

Usually when I go out, I'm always thinking about writing--about how I can turn every little thing I see into words. I think in words and paragraphs and metaphors--it's like a game to me, trying to find out a way to describe something really simple. As much as I said I wouldn't think about writing, I did. I always do.

Oh, I got a reply back from two really awesome writing bloggers, one was Amy Sue Nathan who's link is on my page, and the other was the author of Task at Hand who is also linked on my page. I was inexplicably thrilled--especially when Amy wrote me back. She's a mother just like I am, so she knows all about balancing motherhood and trying to pursue your passion.

Tonight, I'll be editing the short story that I plan on entering into the contest. You know, as I was sitting there trying to get it down to the 4,000 word limit, I realized that there was so much more of the story that I wanted to tell. I automatically fell in love with the characters... and a part of me hated having to chop it off. There's this little thing nagging me in my ear saying 'you should write this all the way out'. And I feel a bit guilty about that as well because I already had an 'outline' for another--

I don't know. I'm just all over the place these days. I'll do what comes natural. I am in love with The Bayou. I didn't struggle with a moment about plot lines or anything. When I struggle with an idea, I end up hating it. It's like something inside of me telling me that I really don't need to write this.

Just like Amy Sue Nathan said--a light goes on. I realize that I may be more comfortable with literary mainstream--something very non-formulaic. It comes surprisingly easy to me and I'm still trying to figure out why that is. I also realized that I enjoy writing about the human experience. So those are definitely two things that I really need to consider when I begin writing.

Once I'm finished editing, I will post an excerpt from the story here. I don't know when it'll be, but it'll be sometime this month.


Amy Sue Nathan said...

You are too kind! I've never written a short story - just lots of essays and my novel-in-progress. Wishing you lots of luck getting it where you need it to be!!!

Sun Up said...

Thanks! And hopefully I won't drive myself crazy doing it.