Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sometimes I wish I could gather all the people that I love and take them to a place where time doesn't exist.
I wish that I never had to worry about losing them--about the grief that would come when they are no longer there. Some days I feel like I go crazy with the idea of loss...of not having the people I love so desperately not be there.

I had strange dreams last night. I always have strange dreams. I really do think I'm losing my mind sometimes. Or maybe it was already lost and I'm only now realizing it.

In books...no time exists aside from the time you create. Maybe after you finish the last page you can imagine what their lives were after. But there is no after. You can always start over and relive as many times as you desire.

But life goes on. Time moves forward. There are losses and times to say goodbye. I just don't like the idea of it very much all the time.


I am not the ninja you were looking for said...

Ivy has become terrifyingly afraid of the "D" word (Death) and apparently it's contagious because now we both cry about it (I wait till she's sleeping, I'm a big girl like that)..

If you find a world where we can just be this forever- take me. I have enough trouble with it all just changing, I can't even think about the ending.

Sun Up said...

I promise I will.