Friday, April 23, 2010

Her Name Is Charlie...

I always come back to her.

I've left her alone for nearly a year now. But I can't seem to write anything else because I can't forget about her.

It's supposed to be normal--this starting and stopping. Stephen King started Under The Dome in what...'76 and it came out in 2009. Granted, he had tons of other books written before that. But I honestly can't see myself doing anything else until I finish this. I don't know where to start...but I definitely feel like I'm wasting time.

I can't tell you how many books I've read since then. What's even more ridiculous is that I know the story from beginning to end. And yet...nothing.

I'm trying not to think about it so much so early in the morning--but I can't help it. That strange little depression is starting to descend on me. It's either hormones or that sneaking suspicion of being a failure.

What am I doing wrong? I miss Charlie. I don't want to lose her story.


Lady Glamis said...


There are weeks that go by when I sometimes can't work on a project, and for me that is a long time. I'm usually writing every day. Still, I've found that some projects take longer than others. My first book, for instance, has been 13 years in the making! I've written 2 1/2 other books since then.

Sun Up said...

I can't even think about writing anything but what I've been working on for going on a year. I know that it HAS to be finished this year...or that's it. I'm so afraid that the original idea is going to be diluted to the point I won't be able to recognize it.

This is a headache! I don't mind so much. Sure as HELL beats morning sickness.