Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blood, Guts and Words

Since I haven't been able to blog, and my urge to write has only come in sporadic, ephemeral spurts, I've been reading, trying to find inspiration. Okay, I wasn't exactly looking for it, but I found it. Manuscripts are still waiting for me even now, but it's not right yet. For one thing, it feels odd writing or rather typing a book on a computer when I'm used to writing on paper. I have like, a thousand notebooks. Secondly, I'm waiting to get to that point where I need to write so badly that it's going to burst out of me if I don't. And trust me folks, we don't want that to happen. Bloody guts and bloody words.

So, like I was saying--I've been reading right? I have all these books in my tiny apartment, many of which I hadn't read. I was tired of reading the same stuff so I picked up a book I had by Anita Shreve called The Last Time They Met. It was amazing and totally unexpected. The other book I found was called Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans. Reading both of those books made me feel like I stumbled across something great.

I don't have an elaborate description about the books. I'm not a book reviewer. But I will say that they made me feel good, and sad and worried. Desolate, hopeful...just from reading some words on paper.

And I like that.
It made me want to write again.
So I will.


Aubrie said...

I get inspiration from reading as well. What books are you reading right now?

Sun Up said...

I bought this book from the dollar's called The Last Universe by William Sleator. It's really's a fiction story that revolves around quantum physics and quantum mechanics. It's really fascinating. I read it before but it's one of those books that deserve another read

Lady Glamis said...

Reading always inspires me. I hope you can find that pent-up energy soon and just burst forth with something great!